A Song That Reduces Anxiety
August 24, 2018

The *best* part is that this song is ready for your listening pleasure during your dental treatment!

Our goal is for your appointment to be one of the most relaxing moments of your entire week. We offer:

✔️ Massaging dental chairs
✔️ Weighted anti-anxiety blankets
✔️ Noise-cancelling headphones complete with a soothing playlist (or your favourite Netflix show)
✔️Nitrous oxide, which is a safe and effective gas that can help put anxious folks at ease
✔️ Herbal tea, comfy couches, and a large zen fish tank in our waiting room
✔️ Adult colouring books to ensure pre-appointment bliss

Are you ready to relax? Call us at 780-474-2456 to book your dental appointment today! ☺️


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