“Am I a bad feminist?”
August 11, 2018

This was one of the questions I had to ask myself when my partner Dr. William Chin and I began looking at purchasing a dental practice. Being a practice owner would mean leaving my career outside of dentistry. This was a tough decision; I studied for and dedicated considerable time to a field I’d now have to leave.

I worried I’d miss my pre-dental career. And, truth be told, I dreaded being judged a woman without a voice and identity of her own.

So what made me do it?

At my core, I believe in engaging people with kindness and respect, even in difficult times, so things can change for the better. I believe we can bring more light to the world by truly caring for people. And I believe there is a huge opportunity to change lives through dentistry.

I used to be scared of going to the dentist. I hated the drilling sounds. I hated that I would end up shivering cold on the chair while the staff continued working indifferently on my teeth. And I didn’t like the feeling of being “just another number” on a patient file.

My experiences told me there HAD TO BE a way we could do dentistry, differently.

So here I am. A dental office manager who used to be scared of going to the dentist. And I’m loving it.

Every day, we innovate and find ways to create an amazing, positive experience for our patients that ensures they feel truly cared for. We are building a practice that is a place of community and surprising friendliness. No white coats, no judgement, and no pressure.

(And yup. I still have a voice, identity, and feisty feminist perspective while I’m here).

~ Amanda, Norwood Dental Centre Office Manager (and our dentist, Dr. William Chin’s, fiancée) ❤️