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Surprisingly friendly and affordable dental care

We're proud to offer surprisingly friendly & affordable dental care with: 🚫 No white coats 🚫 No judgement 🚫 No pressure • Call us at 780-474-2456 to book your appointment today!

National "Tell a Joke!" Day

Today is National "Tell a Joke Day"! 😆😆 • We've put together some of our cheesiest and most fabulous dental jokes just for you. • At Norwood Dental Centre, we believe in taking patient care seriously but not ourselves. We offer caring and affordable dental care with surprising friendliness. • No white coats, no judgement, and no pressure.

Dentist-Approved Summer Snacking Tips for Awesome Oral Health!

Join Dr. William Chin & Amanda in *their kitchen* for a friendly conversation about kid and teeth-friendly summer food. 🍽🍉🍏🥕🧀🥛🥚🥦

"Keke, are you flossing?"

"Keke, are you flossing?" 😆 The Norwood Dental Centre take on the #inmyfeelingschallenge, featuring a fabulous cameo appearance by Redsauce from Bedouin Beats. #dotheshiggy

Bloopers - Healthy Summer Snacking

🤣 BLOOPERS! 🤣 Next week, we'll be releasing a video on dentist-approved, healthy summer snacking for kids. Until then - enjoy these blooper clips from filming. 📢 At Norwood Dental Centre, we take dentistry seriously but not ourselves. This is us. Every day. Dentistry is a relaxed, suprisingly friendly, and fun environment. No white coats, no pressure, and no judgement.📢 P.S: If you listen carefully, you'll catch what Dr. William Chin's secret nickname for Amanda is! 😉

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"This Place Is A Love Song"

"This Place is a Love Song", a spoken word art piece written and performed by Nisha Patel and commissioned by Norwood Dental Centre.